Bill’s Tips – #3: Inspiration

True, that.

The image is an excerpt from The Oatmeal ( which talks about much more than inspiration – more specifically about making things for the internet – well worth checking out.

I have lost track of the number of times I’ve woken up in bed at night with something bouncing around my head. GET UP. Phone, into next room, record idea into phone, return to bed, sleep weightless dreams, wake up with a sense of achievement in the morning.

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Full steam ahead…

Lots of fun stuff mixed with boring stuff been going on in Billy Coleman HQ over the last few months.  I’ve been doing stuff in fun places for the new record…

And some stuff that wasn’t quite so much fun, but has to be done sometimes to make a few squids.

It happened a lot more than twice too...

I tried out some silly glasses…

I'm not so sure about the Bill Idol though...

And this morning, I found my phone charger (missing for many months) in a shoe.

A shoe. I’ve no idea why I put it in a shoe, but I’m hoping it seemed like a good idea at the time…

But now I’m back in action, after taking the last 2 months to earn a few bob and gesticulate futilely at a computer screen (see pic. no. 2). Yes, back in harness, channeling my inner ninja, making a list of the little (and not so little) things that need to be done to finish off the new record.

I’ve had several moments over the last little while where I’ve been jigging about the place with the excitement listening to the recordings of these new songs.  I cannot wait for them to spread their wings.  It’ll be a little while yet before any of them are out and about though, so on that note, I’ll get back to doing some real work, as opposed to fluting about on the internet.

Until later…

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Road Trip!

I’ve been busy rehearsing, seeing this a lot the last few weeks… New songs, new toys, still the same old pair of cons though…

I’m playing two gigs tomorrow (wait ages for a bus then all of a sudden two of them come at once etc.).  If you’re some of the lucky devils who’ve laid their paws on tickets for Helium 2012 (believe they’re pretty much sold out) then I’ll see you from the No Ego Stage a little after 3.

After that I’m jumping in the car and heading to Dublinio to play in the Twisted Pepper supporting Ocho.  Doors at 8pm, I’m looking forward to it.

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Some Rarities from the ‘You Can’t Buy Back Your Life’ Sessions

I got reminded last week about some tunes that were recorded for ‘You Can’t Buy Back Your Life‘ album that didn’t make the final cut.  They’ve all appeared somewhere but I figured it was time to put them all in one place, last year at some point.

I then completely forgot about it.  I was fairly busy with TS@aW and all last year in fairness  ;-)

‘Close My Eyes’ was the credit music for the indie Irish psychological horror movie ‘Shackled‘ (recently released on DVD).  ‘Didn’t Mean to Make You Cry’ appeared on the Black and Red EP  and “The Spark” has been available for download as a bonus track on the Paddy Whacked Radio site.

I don’t think I’d listened to these since sometime in 2010.  Took me back, made me all teary eyed (not really…), or at least, picking something for the artwork did.  That’s my cons in Jamestown Studios before I tried to paint the floor back to white!

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Falling RIGHT off the horse…

When it comes to blog updates anyway.

Last year it was so easy!  A song every week!  Loads of gigs!

The most remarkable thing that happened for a while this year was spilling tea on my keyboard…

Keyboard Vs. Rice

That was fun.  Not.

I’ve had the usual mixed fortunes as regards sticking to new years resolutions.

  1. Learning violin, not going too hot on this one at the moment…
  2. Getting more exercise, actually exceeding expectations on this front, the hounds are pleased with that…
  3. Preparing album no. 3 – making progress of the gradual variety – here’s the ‘vocal booth’ in the spare bedroom:

Vox Takes

This Friday, March 30th, I’ll be playing songs at the fantasmagorical “Brownbread Mixtape” in the Twisted Pepper, Abbey Street, Dublin.  The last time I played this night it was absolutely deadly (in a really, really good way) so you’re guaranteed a great night if you decide to check it out.  10 lids in, me, Fia Rua, Fergus Costello (savage spoken word), The Brownbread Players (comedy/satire sketches), savage stuff all round.  You’ll be ragin’ you missed it if you miss it.


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