Throwing S**t at a Wall

Throwing S**t at a Wall

'Throwing Shit at a Wall', or TS@aW for short is a series of home demos written and recorded throughout 2011 to allow the muse to flow and blow out the cobwebs from the creative corners of my brain.

These aren't intended to be pristinely recorded and honed tracks, more stream-of-conciousness paint splotches to keep me creating & exploring musically and also brushing up on my recording skills...


So far, everything written, recorded, played and produced by Bill Coleman at home, except:

6 - a traditional air known as "The Dawning of the Day" (I believe) with lyrics by Patrick Kavanagh.
7 - written by Kanye West & Pusha T.
18 - written by Bill Coleman and Parisch Browne.
41 - recorded in the Drivers gaff, Seattle.