All of a sudden, there was a mountain…

Of stuff to do…

Well, I am exaggerating slightly obviously but when I woke up this morning and started to make a mental “list” of what to do with the day, it became one of those “lists” that got way too long to hold in my head*.

*In all honesty, it only takes about 3 or 4 entries for it to get too long. I am a “list” person, but definitely a “list” person of the writing “the list” down persuasion.

So I’m going to head off now, and write that list, depopulating a small forest to do so. Between this and then here’s some stuff that’s nearing completion (still on the list), upcoming (not on the list, but in my diary) and just about, hopefully, on the horizon, only I’ve a few things to do in order to bring it about (meaning that it accounts for many entries on “the list”). You get the idea…

5 Nov 2008 21:00 Sitting Room Sessions (Solo) De Barras, Clonakilty, Co. Cork
12 Nov 2008 21:00 The Tall Poppy Club (Solo) The Spirit Store, Dundalk
19 Nov 2008 21:00 The Articulate Sessions (Solo) Bakers Bar, Limerick NOTE DATE CHANGE !
27 Nov 2008 19:00 The Urban Green Festival (Solo) London Irish Centre, Camden, London
9 Dec 2008 21:00 Ruby Sessions (Solo) Doyles, Dublin

Getting the first few videos today hopefully, not sure yet how these will come at you, but if you’re on the Youtube keep your eyes peeled. There will definitely be mp3s to download free off the Myspace,, Last.FM and so on. So you can go wild, downloading them for your granny. :)

Until next time…

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