A little more recording, while it's lashing brownies…

Hello one and all – I hope you’re all keeping well?

Today I’m back in studio, gazing longingly at brownies (courtesy of our caterers over at graciesbakes.com) working on one final track for the album.

We’re not allowed a brownie until we’ve got all the vocals recorded.  Though the chances of us sticking to that are probably fairly slim…

The new record will be out in October in Ireland.  It’s going to be called ‘You Can’t Buy Back Your Life’.  Johnny D, who did the last record, is currently working up a storm on the artwork front.

It is fair to say that being back recording again, the last few days that we’ll be working on the new record, has me fairly humming with excitement and full of the joys of an Irish summer, which is to say that I’m enjoying what sunshine there is while mentally preparing myself for the next downpour of rain.

The less said about the weather the better.

Stuff happening!  If you’re in Ireland, please come and catch a gig!

Dundalk – Thurs 17th – Supporting Heathers – The Spirit Store
Dublin – Sun 20th – Co-Headliner w/ Resurrection Fern & Justin Grounds

Dublin – Tues 6th – Ruby Sessions – Doyles, Fleet Street
Portlaoise – Sat 10th – Bar Habana
Dundalk – Mon 12th – Tall Poppy Club @ The Spirit Store

And for those of you new to the mailing list – welcome!  And if you haven’t already, do the ‘likey like’ thing on Facebook.

I’m off to deny myself more brownies now.  Laters folks…

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