New Album Out Soon – Here's How You Can Help…

Hello folks – hope you’re keeping well?

All go around here at the moment.  The new album is out October 15th.  I might have mentioned that before :-)

I’m busy licking stamps (actually, they’re stickers, so that’s a lie), filling envelopes, writing emails, talking to people, falling in love with my music collection again, printing stuff, walking the dog and making the most of what sunshine is going around these parts at the moment.

I’m writing this from my desk (I actually have a desk, almost like this was a real job, ha!), wrapped up in a dirty great big warm hoody (thanks Trish!).  Better than any kind of thermal underwear, not that I’d know anything about that sort of thing, seeing as how I don’t own any…

I’m really enjoying myself, even though there’s plenty to worry about, organising gigs, posters, flyers and so on.  I’ve come off the biggest bout of ‘make and do’ I’ve ever subjected myself to, doing the artwork for the new record, so all in all it’s been a busy time.  Now people are starting to hear the record, and I’m delighted to say that so far the reaction has been pretty amazing.

Suffice to say that I’m full of hope at the moment.  I love making music and I’d like to get this record to as many ears as I can so I can keep making more records.  If you’d like to help me out in this, I would really appreciate your help, there are a few different things that you could do.  Some of them are pretty simple, but they all help just a little, enough little helping hands makes a huge difference.

You could…

  1. Share a video or link, on your Facebook page, Myspace, Twitter, with a short note on why you like it would be GREAT.  Here’s some handy links to some of mine:- Making of the artwork: – ‘I Want You to Know’: -’Welcome to the Breakdown’:
  2. Email a friend you think will enjoy what I do.
  3. If you’re going to any gigs and don’t mind flyering them for me, let me know and I can stick some in the post to you.
  4. Bring friends to a show of mine.
  5. Text/email/tweet your favourite radio shows and ask them to play ‘I Want You to Know’ (more Ireland this one than anywhere else).

Thanks very much :-)

You can pre-order your copy of the new record ‘You Can’t Buy Back Your Life’ from here:

Or you can buy it at a gig – there’s a tour!  Come on out!  If you’re in Ireland that is.  Rest of the world, my apologies, hopefully I’ll see you soon.  I’ll cross all my digits…

At some of these gigs (two, to be precise, see below) I’ll be mounting some of the spray-painted artwork that took so much out of my joints (not to mention the joints of Jazz & Ger, thanks again lads) back in August.  For those of you who haven’t caught it, here’s the explanation of the whole production:

For those of you in Belfast and surrounds, unfortunately we’re having to change the date of the Belfast gig, stay tuned for the re-arranged date.


Cavan – Oct 16th – Gonzo Theatre, Main Street, Cavan

Dublin – Oct 23rd – The Exchange, Dublin (Artwork Display)

Dundalk – Oct 27th – The Spirit Store, Dundalk (Downstairs)

Galway – Oct 28th – The Roisin Dubh, Galway (Upstairs)

Athlone – Oct 29th – The Passionfruit Theatre, Athlone

Cork – Nov 4th – Mutant Cabaret, The Roundy (Upstairs)

Cork – Nov 6th – Triskel/Plugd Records, Caroline Street (Artwork Display)

Slane – Nov 18th – Boyles, Slane
That’s about all for now.  Hope you’re all keeping well and having fun.  Make sure you wrap up warm if it’s cold where you are, and slap on that sun block if it’s the other way around.

Thanks folks…

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