Ready, Steady, Gig !

Ah hello hello, lovely to see you all again.  You’re looking well !*

*Obviously I have no way of knowing but I BET you ARE looking well ;)

There’s a few things happening in Colemanland at the moment that I’d like to give you all the old heads up on.  Seeing as I’ve been very lax of late with the web stuff (I promise we’ve been busy on new songs and recordings and noodlings of a creative nature) it seemed time that I made a least an effort at turning over a new leaf.  So here we go !


20 Sep 2008     20:00    The Tivoli Theatre (Solo)             Dublin
Sophie’s Choice Charity Gig – more on that below

23 Sep 2008     21:00    The Crane Lane Theatre (Solo)     Cork
Double header with Colm Lynch.  I know he’s a Dub but don’t hold that against him in the People’s Republic !

24 Sep 2008     21:00    The Articulate Sessions (Solo)           Limerick
In Bakers Bar/Venue in Limerick

25 Sep 2008     17:00    Freedom (Amnesty) Cafe (Solo)     Galway
In the Amnesty Cafe, Galway on Middle Street

3 Oct 2008     21:00    The Brewery (Solo)                 Monaghan
Supporting David Kitt

14 Oct 2008     21:00    Ruby Sessions (Solo)             Dublin


At this stage there’s quite a few newer songs in the set though of course I will still be playing some old favourites as well !  So do try and make a gig if it’s convenient to your home place.  We’re still writing and arranging and planning the recordings for album number 2 and hopefully these will take shape sometime in the not too distant future.


In the meantime, for those of you who love your live gigs, we are soon going to have some mp3s for you.  Back in July of this year I played a gig in a lovely little theatre in Athlone called the Passionfruit.  Begging, borrowing, stealing we managed to put together enough recording equipment and cameras to document the gig almost in it’s entirety.  We’re currently finishing off editing some little videos for Youtube, so once there done I’ll make you aware of their existence.


About the Sophie’s Choice Gig, we think it’s a great cause people so please lend us your support for that one if you’re in Dublin Saturday night:

Next Saturday 20th September, The Tivoli Theatre will host Sophie’s Choice 08’

A four year old little girl called Sophie wants to return the favor to Our Lady’s Hospital for Sick Children in Crumlin, Dublin; for everything they have done for her and so many other children!

Performing on the night:

Red Kid
Penfold DM
The Hot Sprockets
Lisa Mc Laughlin
Bill Coleman
Phil Kerrigan

Headphone Disco: Also featured at Oxegen & Electric Picinc
Dj’s are:
Channel 1: Paddy Sheridan (House Music/Dirty Disco)
Channel 2: Club NME (India/Rock)

Doors 7:30pm till late!!

Tickets for the event are just €16 and are available from the Box Office at the Tivoli Theatre, on Francis Street or from the Tivoli website.

To read the full story behind the reasons for Sophie’s Choice, please click through to the Sophie’s Choice Myspace Page.

That’s all for now folks.  Mind yourselves !

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