Bill’s Tips – #1: How to remember lyrics

Write the buggers down…

I normally need to learn a lyric reasonably well before I can hope to perform a song properly.  Generally though, there’s a few gigs where I kinda know the lyric but kinda don’t.  Solution?  Take trigger lines (first line of a verse, say) for the whole song. I need to know the lyric well enough that once I read a trigger the rest of the verse will come after that.

Sticking them on paper and taping them to a monitor works, but if you don’t have the opportunity for that, prepare beforehand by writing them on your arm (this works well for me playing guitar, but maybe not so much for other instruments).

The pic above is for “On Your Travels” that I road tested the other night at the Ruby Sessions.  Lyrically, went well.. Guitar playing? Not so much…


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  1. You may want to remind other readers that indelible marker is not the best idea as it tends to rub off on, oh I don’t know, white pillowcases? :) Just sayin!

    • And use something that comes off so easy that the lyrics might be gone by the time they’re needed? That wouldn’t be very good advice now Orla, would it?

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