TS@aW #37: I Don’t Know

This here is a bit of a scrapbook effort.  Lots of, “oh that’s a nice noise, how can I use it” going on.

PRO – hard to tell what you’re going to end up with using this approach.

CON – hard to tell what you’re going to end up with using this approach.

Three hours ago I wasn’t digging this AT all.  It’s grown on me, and as veteran TS@aW watchers will know, this can mean I’ll end up quite liking it or HATING it, and never being able to listen to it again.  Always interesting finding that out…

I Don’t Know
I am not what you think I am,I am not what you say,
I am not all these things, these labels,
You use to categorise me.  Oh no!

These are not reasonable thoughts,
This is not why I love,
These thoughts are not my reasons,
My reasons are my own but I don’t know.

I just don’t know, I just don’t know.


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2 Responses to TS@aW #37: I Don’t Know

  1. Noel

    Not sure if it’s a problem with soundcloud or my computer, but I can’t play any of your tracks anymore. I just get a white rectangle box where soundcloud should be… just to let you know.

    It’s happening on Firefox and Google Chrome on Mac OS X Lion.

    • Hey Noel,
      They’re taking aaaages to load for me, but they are loading in Firefox and Safari.
      Not loading on my phone though… thanks for the heads up.

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