Falling RIGHT off the horse…

When it comes to blog updates anyway.

Last year it was so easy!  A song every week!  Loads of gigs!

The most remarkable thing that happened for a while this year was spilling tea on my keyboard…

Keyboard Vs. Rice

That was fun.  Not.

I’ve had the usual mixed fortunes as regards sticking to new years resolutions.

  1. Learning violin, not going too hot on this one at the moment…
  2. Getting more exercise, actually exceeding expectations on this front, the hounds are pleased with that…
  3. Preparing album no. 3 – making progress of the gradual variety – here’s the ‘vocal booth’ in the spare bedroom:

Vox Takes

This Friday, March 30th, I’ll be playing songs at the fantasmagorical “Brownbread Mixtape” in the Twisted Pepper, Abbey Street, Dublin.  The last time I played this night it was absolutely deadly (in a really, really good way) so you’re guaranteed a great night if you decide to check it out.  10 lids in, me, Fia Rua, Fergus Costello (savage spoken word), The Brownbread Players (comedy/satire sketches), savage stuff all round.  You’ll be ragin’ you missed it if you miss it.


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2 Responses to Falling RIGHT off the horse…

  1. Jools

    Exercise spelt wrong – you must be rubbish at Scrabble!

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