Some Rarities from the ‘You Can’t Buy Back Your Life’ Sessions

I got reminded last week about some tunes that were recorded for ‘You Can’t Buy Back Your Life‘ album that didn’t make the final cut.  They’ve all appeared somewhere but I figured it was time to put them all in one place, last year at some point.

I then completely forgot about it.  I was fairly busy with TS@aW and all last year in fairness  ;-)

‘Close My Eyes’ was the credit music for the indie Irish psychological horror movie ‘Shackled‘ (recently released on DVD).  ‘Didn’t Mean to Make You Cry’ appeared on the Black and Red EP  and “The Spark” has been available for download as a bonus track on the Paddy Whacked Radio site.

I don’t think I’d listened to these since sometime in 2010.  Took me back, made me all teary eyed (not really…), or at least, picking something for the artwork did.  That’s my cons in Jamestown Studios before I tried to paint the floor back to white!

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