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Road Trip!

I’ve been busy rehearsing, seeing this a lot the last few weeks… New songs, new toys, still the same old pair of cons though… I’m playing two gigs tomorrow (wait ages for a bus then all of a sudden two … Continue reading

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Falling RIGHT off the horse…

When it comes to blog updates anyway. Last year it was so easy!  A song every week!  Loads of gigs! The most remarkable thing that happened for a while this year was spilling tea on my keyboard… That was fun.  … Continue reading


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TS@aW #20: A Rising

Nearly back on track after the recent up-the-walls-ness.  Here’s another mammoth lyric with some vocal harmonies and a guitar with really, really new strings… A Rising Here she comes, Here she comes Arriving Surprising A Rising Panic expanding Blooming Excellent … Continue reading

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Temperance Society Chip Baileys Drumkit

Dissassembled. This isn’t even half of them… And people say I have too much gear. This whole slightly-tipsy-blogging thing is fun though 

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Update from Bill Coleman HQ, a secret location somewhere in Ireland, currently being lashed with rain…

Nothing new there then… Greetings!  I hope you’re all keeping well? Hopefully you’re all enjoying the tunes you’ve recently downloaded.  I’d like to point out, if you’re not already aware, that I’ve got a new album out and you can … Continue reading

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